What is WebCamp?

I am so glad you asked...

WebCamps are a great way regardless of experience to start *learning* and *doing* things related to the Microsoft Web platform. Each camp is a unique interactive experience where you will have an opportunity to learn from your peers, ask questions and lastly do what you love, build stuff. Space is limited so make sure you don’t forget to register.


Please come prepared!

Make the most of your time and pack the right supplies.

A little pre-work will go a long way. Your only homework is to make sure your machine is setup ready to go and you come with questions. Remember these are interactive.

Please, note at events like these, power and bandwidth are limited to some degree. If you download the tooling before the event that will help relieve stress on the network. At some of the events we will not have enough power for everyone.  We ask that everyone share appropriately, and if you have multiple batteries it might not be a bad idea to bring it.


Continue The Conversation!!!

WebCamp might be a day but stay in touch.

Unfortunately WebCamps will only last a day or two but we really want to keep the fire burning. We have setup a Live Group so we can interact with web heads after the event ends. Chat with your fellow web heads, ask question, find speakers, find events, whatever let’s continue to talk web.

Yea we're on the Twitters too



Next WebCamp...

We just finished, but more will be coming.